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Disorders that respond well to acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Doctors have known the healing abilities of acupuncture for thousands of years. In recent years, western medical authorities have also began to recognize this form of natural medicine. In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report recognizing acupuncture’s clinical effectiveness.

Speciality Treatments:

Mental-Emotional & Addictions

Anxiety, depression, tobacco or food addictions, stress, insomnia, panic attacks, exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome

Respiratory Disorders/Allergies

Sinusitis, seasonal rhinitis/conjunctivitis, benign goiter, shortness of breath, bronchitis, cold, sore throat, asthma, hay fever, sneezing, seasonal allergies

Menstrual & Reproductive Disorders

Benign secondary amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal, metrorrhagia, menopausal symptoms, heavy or painful menstruation, history of miscarriage, ovulatory dysfunction, morning sickness, insufficiency of lactation, oligospermia, infertility in women and men, impotence

Urinary Disorders

Nocturnal urination, enuresis, incontinence, frequent & painful urination, retention, prostatism, calculi, urinary tract infections

Neurological & Muscular Disorders

Migraines, tension headaches, lower back pain, trigeminal neuralgia, frozen shoulder, knee pain, stiff neck, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, stroke, Bell’s palsy, dizziness, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia

Cardiovascular Disorders

Palpitations, peripheral edema, high blood pressure, apoplexy sequel (paralysis), anemia, recovery after a heart attack

Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

Hyperacidity, gastritis, dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids, dysentery, anorexia, abdominal pain or bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, peptic ulcer

Skin Disorders

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, furuncle, itching, wrinkles, shingles


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