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TCM Diagnosis

TCM Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis like emitting a radar, feeling the radial pulse allows the practitioner to scan the entire body and detect abnormal Qi flow, determine the root of disease and select a treatment method to enable the free flow of Qi.Diagnosis precedes all treatment. Techniques such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, facial consultation, palpation allow us to identify conditions undetectable by machines, such as diseases at the Qi level (no physical changes yet) and a person' s constitution type, leading to a more personalized treatment approach.


Acupuncture should not focus the site of pain, but the root of disease, identified through diagnosis and, most importantly. where meridian blockage has occurred.TCM classical texts state: "Where there is obstruction, there is pain." An acupuncturist can be likened to a plumber, for a good technician knows that most effective way to solve backup isn't to tackle the site where the problem was reported, but to find source of blockage somewhere along the pipes.In TCM, those pipes correspond to meridians or pathways for the free flow of Qi of various organs. This is why one may effectively treat stom-ach disease by needling the foot, as they are along the same meridian pathway.

Massage (TuiNa)

Massage therapy (TuiNa) is a proven way to alleviate stress, soothe tension, and promote overall well-being. It helps to release muscle tightness, improve circulation, and enhance flexibility. Regular massages can also help reduce the risk of injury by keeping muscles relaxed and supple. Beyond the physical benefits, massage therapy can also provide emotional relief by reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep quality.

Reflexology Therapy
Paediatric Massage


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that offers a multitude of benefits. It can help improve blood circulation, promoting faster healing and recovery. The process can also alleviate muscle tension, leading to improved flexibility and reduced pain. It's known to support the detoxification process, helping your body to remove toxins and enhance overall wellbeing.

Chinese Reflexology

Chinese reflexology is a form of massage, working with the acupressure points in the feet, connecting to specific organs and glands in the body. It Is a deeply relaxing therapy with benefits that can be felt throughout the body.The treatment uses various techniques that include acupressure, kneading, rotation and rubbing, both manually and with a specially designed reflexology tool.

Infant TuiNa

Children have unique physiological characteristics which Chinese paediatric massage (xiao er tuina)has studied and incorporated into its development over nearly a millennia. Chinese paediatric massage has become a unique and simple treatment method for infants and children, using special points on the body to effectively treat common illnesses such as fever, cough, asthma,diarrhea and more,without the use of medicines or needles.


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