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About Me.

Jianmin Xing (Wendy), R.TCMP & R. Ac

Wendy is a registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner (R.TCMP) and a registered acupuncturist (R.Ac) in Ontario. She worked at Wangjing Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (in Beijing) since 2008 where she gained extensive clinical treatment experience. Because of deep interest on Chinese Traditional Medicine, Wendy pursued her advanced study of acupuncture skills and herbal remedies from top experts at Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is not only the top TCM institution but also the highest level of academy for TCM practitioners, acupuncturists training and international academic exchanges in China.  

With the treatment method of the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine, Wendy had great success on insomnia, depression, anxiety, stomache, diarrhea, lower back pain, neck pain and arthritis, etc. (see more details below)

Wendy has been continuing to communicate with the top experts in Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to keep herself updated with new knowledge and therapies in order to help more patients in Canada.

Specialty Treatments


Irregular/abnormal menstruation, Dysmenorrhea, Uterine fibroid, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Annex inflammation, Premature ovarian failure, Diminished ovarian reserve, Female infertility, Climacteric syndrome/ Menopausal syndrome

Internal Diseases

Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, Allergic rhinitis, Common cold, Immunocompromise, Peripheral facial paralysis, Sequelae of stroke, Tinnitus and hearing lost, Headaches (hemicrania, migraine, cephalalgia), Conditions of the digestive system (dyspepsia, gastrointestinal diseases, irritable bowel syndrome etc.)


Herpes zoster, Lower back pain, Neck pain, Limb pain, Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Cervical spondylosis, Scapulohumeral periarthritis

“I am honoured to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom in acupuncture & herbal therapies to help people achieve greater health and happiness through life’s challenges.”
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